What Makes a Good Website?

Since I’ve been told I need to create my own webpage and blog, I’ve been wondering what makes a good website. The elements I can think of are contents, structure, design and popularity. However, even with knowing that angel I need to be working on, things are still harder to be done than talked. Some people may point out that the new generation spends most of our time online. By browsing all those websites where we spend the time, we should pick up some tricks along the time. Thus, we should be quite familiar with what makes a good website. Well, that is not true.

Unlike the websites I usually visit, my webpage is small in size and the contents are limited in certain topics. Also, unlike those corporations, I do not have unlimited resource, man power and time to make my website perfect. My knowledge about those successful websites is quite useless in my current situation.

Because I have assigned topics for the contents, I cannot simply post whatever attracts people’s attention on my website. Therefore, goes bye-bye popularity. Two out four elements which makes a good website are limited for me to make any alteration. In order to make my website outstanding, I have to put more efforts on the structure and design of the website. Each page in my website should have an eye-catching layout. The colors I use should also be well designed. Of course, all of these efforts won’t do much work if I cannot write the required content in a professional way.

So, under my situation, what makes a good website? Due do the primary purpose of creating this website which is to practice our skills and finish the course with flying color, and the limited contents, popularity is not going to be an important element anymore. However, the effort can still be shown in the design and structure id the webpage. Also behind the words I post, is my true thoughts and opinion. If more people share the same a point of view with me, I just may end up keep posting new articles.

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