Electronic Lover?


People always say love has no boundary. However, there is a boundary for people’s acceptance. Clearly, these strange electronic lovers have hit the limitation of people’s acceptance after interracial love and homosexual.

Personally I understand the concerns and objections which have been rise among people but I do not want judge how certain people’s concept of love because for starter there is no physical evidence to prove love is real. But like most people in the world I do believe love is real what I am saying is that there is no way to quantify love. Love is an emotion which does not have a unified standard and I cannot use my own standard to judge others’.

Thereby, my opinions are not judgmental but in another perspective. I believe such phenomenon is a small piece of evidence of the tendency of artificial intelligence, because to fulfill the need of true lover electronically, AI is where the technology should be aiming at. Of course, I do believe AI will be invented by someone who’s working on electronic lovers, but this tendency is definitely a strong and clear sign of people are closing in to invent AI.

What do all you guys think about these electronic lovers?

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