Redefining Ourselves Online

Internet is dangerous water. I believe no one should object this statement. Even though, more and more website and online social media requires identity check before users can share information with each other but people can still lie about what they say. Therefore, the number of cyber crime is growing every day.

However, in my own perspective, it is normal for people to redefine themselves online and create multiple personality online. Not to mention creating different personality online, people lie about what they say in daily life. What I am applying is not pointing out people lie about who they are intentionally but it is natural.

First, people cannot redefine themselves along. Most information we know about ourselves come from feedback from people we know. Nowadays, communicating with friends or others through internet is the most common way of communication. People certainly redefine themselves through internet which I have no bias or any negative thoughts towards it.

Second, on the other hand people may create multiple personality online intentionally or not. Because when we communicate with different people we act differently. Therefore the feedback from different people can be various which eventually lead people to have various expressions towards others. In other words, different people help us to create multiple personalities not only online but in real life because we also act differently to people in reality. We tend to be more respectful when we are talking older people and less friendly towards people we don’t like. When we change our pattern and method of communication, we also switch our personality in some way.

However, people do the switch on purpose may have some special reasons. And for those who have hostile intentions, we need pay extra attention to protect ourselves. You never know who is behind that screen and what are they really up to.

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