The Future of Newspaper


As internet developed into everyone’s life now, many things have changed their methods of presenting themselves to us. For example, people read about news online more frequently than reading news from physical newspaper. But there are quite contradicted opinions among people.

With rapid technology development, E-news is gaining more market in news market. But my opinion is not only made by this tendency but also made by more elements of E-news. By comparing multiple aspects of traditional newspapers with E-news, I believe the future of news industry will be dominated by certain form of E-news. First, internet media share information much more efficient than traditional magazines or newspapers. In today’s’ society, information has a very important role more than it ever has been in history and how fast people can get their hands on information is a crucial element of success. In the future, the traditional newspapers will not satisfy the need of fast information. It is doomed do to the new need of fast information. So far by considering this one point, I am already convinced that E-news will be the leading force in news industry.

Second, the material of traditional newspaper is paper. On an environmental perspective, people have to come up something new that is substitute for paper made out of wood. Before that day, people will start to limit the use of wood paper to protect the environment and by that time it will be a huge impact on traditional newspapers. Also, by that time news industry will be forced to change their methods of spread information and I believe it will be E-news.

However, I do not think traditional newspapers will be gone for good in the future. Maybe by using new material, people can subscribe for traditional physical newspapers without damaging the environment. Who knows, there are always some nostalgic and old fashion people who may prefer traditional newspapers than new technology. And if there is demand, there will definitely be supply.

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