Data Management


Till today I still don’t understand why Apple is still selling 16G iPhones. It was completely a disaster when I mistakenly brought a 16G iPhone5S. After two month the most frequent notification from the system is shortage of memory. During that time, data management is mostly important to me.

Today, every file, every document and every software need more memory from our electronic devices. With new technology development being done every day, pictures are more detailed, audios are clearer, videos have better quality than ever and software we use are more functional and powerful. However, all of these advance changes requires much bigger memory than ever as well. The example of my 16G iPhone5s is more than hard lesson for this situation. For starter, my music alone took 5G out of the device and the system itself needed almost 2G. That is half of the memory capacity gone in a hear beat. Therefore, I was forced to manage my data.

For most people, cell phones are not the only device need to be managed for data. Computers data management is exhausting as well. The way I use to manage my data is to store my files separately on different devices and hardware. Computers on today’s market normally have memory under 1TB so dose laptops. In order to manage the data, other hardware is needed for additional storage. For computers with a mainframe, external storage hard drive can installed to increase the capacity of memory. Therefore, people can organize and manage their files in order. Personally, I use portable storage hard drives to maintain my data. I have three hard drives with capacities of 500G, 1TB and 1.5TB. The 500G hard drive is almost full and the rest two are half full.

Besides hardware people can use to manage data, there are some software people can install on their electronic devices to help their management. Going online always left a huge amount of temper data in the memory. When we watch a video on YouTube or view some online documents, the system automatically save the data on our devices. Some software is designed to eliminate those temper data out of the system and clean out more memory storage for people to use.

I wonder that do others do to manage the massive data from today’s technology. Leave some comments and let me know.

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