The Use of Web page

Because it is too easy for people to register a domain name and have their own web page, people may wonder, what we use the web page for.

Statistically, until March 31th, 2016, there are totally 80655993 websites I the word and in the month of March alone, the number increased by 3.1 million. So, what do people use of all those websites for?

In my point of view, there are two main categories of websites due to their different purpose. The most common type of web pages is to share information. By sharing information, I am not only referring news webs or personal blogs. Indeed, those news websites share a lot of current news and personal blogs share details of people’s life, but there are other websites should be count as informational websites. For example, most of companies of today have their website, some of them maybe just simple introduction of their business and some maybe more complex about their contents. Also, all the advertisement websites should be counted and all other kind of websites share information to people. Another brunch of websites is functional webs, such as PayPal, Amazon and eBay. All those websites have their own functional purpose, some them provide banking service and some of them are trading platform. For places where people often find difficult to park cars, there are websites people can book and pay their parking spot in advance. Not to mention there are so many websites for hotel, fight, and travel plan reservation. We have to admit nowadays people have used the advantage of internet in every way in life to make it easy.

However, the purpose of my personal website is quite different than those two categories I just mentioned. Although, through the things I posted people can gain information but in my perspective the true purpose of establish this web page is to practice my skills and learn more from the process.

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How to Register a Domain Name

Nowadays, the most common way to gain information is internet, and most information has to be organized within different web pages. A domain name is one of the most crucial elements for every web page. The domain name is the address of the web page, and through the domain name is the most direct way for people to visit the web page. During the earlier time of internet development, people invest their money into domain names which will be popular in the future. Then, those people sell the domain names to people who are interested in those domain names. Although, people used to gain big fortune through dealing domain names, now people can register a domain name within minutes.

Back in the days, people who want to register a domain name need to submit application forms to certain agency which may cost a large amount of time and energy. In addition, people need to prepare their own serve and data base. However, thanks to the technology development we made in the last decade, all of those cumbersome process can be spread. Today, people do not need to go through any inspections or submit any forms of application. Either do us need to prepare our own serves or data base, because there are companies provide all those services for us.

It is easy to register a domain name through internet today. There are countless websites can do that. Those websites do not only allow us to register a domain name but also provide users to use their serves data bases by sharing. Some famous websites where people can register a domain name are Word press, The, and All we have to do is to apply a domain name of your choice by using our emails. Most of these websites provide free service and even some people want to make their website or blog fancier, it won’t cost more 20 dollars to do so.

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Alteration of Internet by Freedom of Speech

The Internet is an international computer network. It connects computer networks all over the world. People can get different kinds of information from it. However, what kind of information people will receive form the internet is no longer like what it used to be.

With people conquered internet with the right of free speech, the internet changed into a place full of false information. In the beginning, the internet was not a open space to public but a military project done by the Pentagon during the Cold War. It was called the “ARPAnet”, an internal web of the United State military. At the beginning, there were only four computer connected to the net, and in 1995 there were 4 million devices connected to the internet, until today, basically everyone can access the internet with a flip of hand.

The right of free speech always existed among most countries and areas. However, the effect of free speech on the internet did not appear as quick as the growth of internet. Mostly is because the internet was not for civilians in the beginning and before the 21st century, even with the rapid development of the internet, a lot of social media and online chatting functions had not been invented yet. Once people had easy access to the internet with all the ability to say anything they want at any place they want, the use of the right of free speech went exceeding. A lot wrong information is speared wildly and influenced others in a bad way in the name of free speech. More and more people become irresponsible about what they see and post on the internet. Eventually this kind of irresponsibility grows into our daily life. Not only on the internet, but in our daily life, rumors, gossips, lies and slanders are out of control. It is crucial for everyone on the internet to learn how to screen information.

On the other hand, practice the freedom of speech does have its own good. More and more people are willing to speak up about problems and issues they would never talk about before internet. Therefore, when the society is exposed to such issues, as a member of this society, people try to improve and be better by solving those problems.

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The kind of communication technology I am interested in

 Despite how advanced these days’ technologies are, there are still many fantasies remain undeveloped. Every year, before the new iPhone is about to release, people begin to imagine what kind of new technology the new device is going to present us. And there also some wild guesses on the internet which people call those fancy advance imaginations “Black Technologies”.

There is no limitation to people’s imagination especially about communication technologies. There are rumors about folding cellphones, expectation of no edge screens, and imagination of hologram function. Among of different kinds of “Black Technologies”, there is one that I’d dream of. Some crazy people proposed that one day people will not only use wearable electronic devices but also put chips into our body, for example out brains. In those people’s imagination, by putting a high technology chip into human brain will not only allow us to communicate directly through our mind and access the internet directly to acquire information but also give more access to our brain functions which have not been used in nowadays. For most people, even there is certain technology allow us to put a chip into our body, they will not accept this kind of change. However, from my person aspect this kind of technology is indeed far away from people’s understanding and tolerance but when the day has finally come, people’s perspective will also be different.

     More personally, accessing more brain functions seems too dangerous to me. The puzzle of human brain has bothered scientists for centuries and we still do not full understand it yet. Except these dangerous fields, I am very excited to look forward to the communication function of those chips.

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