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Legends, Babylonians were building the tower of Babylon and the tower was so high they called it the tower of sky. Even with such accomplishment, the Babylonians were not satisfied, they planned to increase the height of the tower. Even God himself was afraid the tower reaches the sky so he used his power made all the Babylonians to speak different languages. Therefore, the Babylonians were no longer sharing the same spirit and their ideas could not pass to each other. Eventually the tower of sky was not finished. Although the story was only a legend but it definitely shows the importance of universal language.

However, it is nearly impossible for people of day to appoint one universal language, because each language is the basic foundation of different culture. To give up their language is to give up their culture. Thus, communication technology is the best solution in this situation.

In today’s market, the assistive technology which allows people to communicate with different language efficiently is rare. Most of them are technologies based on translators which is not the wrong direction because eventually people will need a real time multiple-language translator. However, no matter it is an app or device, they are still immature technologies with slow response time.

However, there still some recommended and advance app and device that being used to help universal communication. I once saw a video about a guy using a real time translator with the size of a flash drive in Japan translating English into Japanese. Also, there was an article about the US military using a portable translation device in Mideast. The device was targeted in only couple languages what are being used in the area. The device can help the militaries to say a lot of frequently used sentences such as pull over, what is in the car and put your hands up. Although the device is not universal, but is it more than helpful under that circumstance.

In the future, the direction of such technology will still be on the track of translator. People need a universal translator with quick response time and small size. But due to different language all have their characteristics, slang and native terms. It well requires a huge processing ability for the CPU and huge capacity for the data base. Those are the challenges need to be solved before massive production on the market.

Maybe on Indiegogo and Kicktraters people can find some news and technology for universal translator. After all, those are the frontier of technology.

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Online Class Survey Report

OC1Through my survey regarding people’s opinion about online class, the popularity of online class is shown. Most people who completed the survey said they’ve taken at least one online course till now. However, 90% international students shown no experience with online class and 90% American students all shared the same experience of online class. Clearly, online class has yet not taken its role in countries like China.

Worth to point out, even there are two types of online class, one is recorded video and the other one is real time video chat, but for formal online class with credits the class is always real time video chatting. And for less formal class like Yale’s or Harvard’s open class they are usually recorded and uploaded online. I think kind of arrangement is reasonable despites a small portion of people prefer to have recorded online class even for online course with credits, because in the end, face to face communication is more suitable for teaching knowledge. Also, in this way, as most people responded, students can raise questions and the instructor can answer these questions directly.

Without any surprises no students believe online class will take traditional class’s place in the future. The reasons are various but all have something to do with the circumstances they took online class and their feelings. Most people said they chose online class for the convenience. However, after one semester of online class, most of them refuse to take any more semester long online class. Because they said the atmosphere of having online class is quite different than traditional class. The feeling of surrounded by the need of study is gone. And by that reason, they think the need of traditional class will never be gone.

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Online Class Survey


  1. Have you ever taken any form of online class? If you did, what kind of online class was it?


  1. What kind of online class do you prefer? Videotaped in advance or real time conversation?


  1. Under what kind of circumstances did you take the online class?


  1. Will you take one or more online courses for a semester?


  1. Do you think online class is useful and what is the difference between it and traditional class?


  1. Generally, what do you think of online class? Do you think online class will replace traditional class in the future? Why or why not?



Please, send me your answers to my email. Much appreciated.

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The Best E-publisher of 2016

By the view of toptenviews.com, the best rated E-publisher is lulu.com. It has 9.47 over 10 rating score among hundred E-publishers the website had reviewed.

For two years, lulu.com won the gold reword for E-publisher. Till today, lulu.com has published 160000000 books. Its service is not only precise but also efficient. Through lulu.com, people can publish their book in one week minimum or three weeks at maximum. And such efficiency comes with very reasonable price. For hardcover books the price starts at $9.98 and for paperback the price is as low as $2.45. For publishing E-books online, it can totally free if there no frame work, editing and design need to be done by lulu.com. After the E-book is published, lulu.com can even help the writer to sell their E-books on different websites such amazon, kindle and iBooks.

For conclusion, here by I quote the review from toptenview.com “Lulu is one of the most customizable online book publishers we reviewed. You can outsource whatever services you choose, such as cover design and editing. Some publishers require that you purchase package deals that will give you a mix of services you need and other you could do without. At Lulu you will never feel pressured to buy services you won’t use. It offers a number of reliable and affordable services that are worth taking advantage of. ”

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