We are Being Watched

Eye-Spy-Shutterstock-To be honest, I think everyone care about their privacy being invaded because psychologically people value their privacy naturally. Nowadays people are constantly being watched by government, security departments, third parties and individuals. And I hate to admit this, but I feel quite powerless against such surveillance.

I know how negative my statement sounds like but considering what I have been informed, it is just a cruel reality all people have to face. As a member in today society, not only myself but also most other people cannot even fight back with the most basic method surveillance—public cameras. Although those cameras are placed in public area but people still should have their right to choose whether to recorded or not. However, most people find surveillance in public area is useful and necessary due to multiple reasons.


To set public surveillance aside, there are more advance technologies for surveillance being used on civilize that people are even more powerless to fight back. After 911, the NSA was founded to protect the safety of United States. But through Edward Joseph Snowden people learned the method NSA uses to protect its people is violating people’s privacy through data base online. People’s emails are read, phone calls are recorded, texts are scanned and online posts are inspected. There is no direct way to stop or prevent more violation from those agencies because most people are not hackers or someone with high level computers skill. Facing such gain governmental machine, even with people knowing their privacy is violated, there is nothing but pale on our faces.

Personally, I have some experience with surveillance issue. In my experience, I have directly faced the surveillance of NSA of China. One of my father’s business friends has some relationship with people working in NSA of China, in order to show his gratitude to my father, he decided to bring a “favor” to my father. This “favor” is him bringing my surveillance records to my father because he believed my father would be interested in my records. Despite how angry I was due to the invasion of my privacy, I was freaked out to find out that NSA of China actually records most phone calls and text messages from everyone. I am certain not a threat to the national security but my printed record was almost two meters long.

Facing all of these advance surveillance technologies that the government spent years and billions to develop, I truly feel powerless even I do care and value my privacy. So far the best way to avoid unwilling surveillance is to get off the grid for good and forever. No cellphone, no TVs, no internet and even no electronics. But who can live a life like that nowadays?


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