The Use of Web page

Because it is too easy for people to register a domain name and have their own web page, people may wonder, what we use the web page for.

Statistically, until March 31th, 2016, there are totally 80655993 websites I the word and in the month of March alone, the number increased by 3.1 million. So, what do people use of all those websites for?

In my point of view, there are two main categories of websites due to their different purpose. The most common type of web pages is to share information. By sharing information, I am not only referring news webs or personal blogs. Indeed, those news websites share a lot of current news and personal blogs share details of people’s life, but there are other websites should be count as informational websites. For example, most of companies of today have their website, some of them maybe just simple introduction of their business and some maybe more complex about their contents. Also, all the advertisement websites should be counted and all other kind of websites share information to people. Another brunch of websites is functional webs, such as PayPal, Amazon and eBay. All those websites have their own functional purpose, some them provide banking service and some of them are trading platform. For places where people often find difficult to park cars, there are websites people can book and pay their parking spot in advance. Not to mention there are so many websites for hotel, fight, and travel plan reservation. We have to admit nowadays people have used the advantage of internet in every way in life to make it easy.

However, the purpose of my personal website is quite different than those two categories I just mentioned. Although, through the things I posted people can gain information but in my perspective the true purpose of establish this web page is to practice my skills and learn more from the process.

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