The kind of communication technology I am interested in

 Despite how advanced these days’ technologies are, there are still many fantasies remain undeveloped. Every year, before the new iPhone is about to release, people begin to imagine what kind of new technology the new device is going to present us. And there also some wild guesses on the internet which people call those fancy advance imaginations “Black Technologies”.

There is no limitation to people’s imagination especially about communication technologies. There are rumors about folding cellphones, expectation of no edge screens, and imagination of hologram function. Among of different kinds of “Black Technologies”, there is one that I’d dream of. Some crazy people proposed that one day people will not only use wearable electronic devices but also put chips into our body, for example out brains. In those people’s imagination, by putting a high technology chip into human brain will not only allow us to communicate directly through our mind and access the internet directly to acquire information but also give more access to our brain functions which have not been used in nowadays. For most people, even there is certain technology allow us to put a chip into our body, they will not accept this kind of change. However, from my person aspect this kind of technology is indeed far away from people’s understanding and tolerance but when the day has finally come, people’s perspective will also be different.

     More personally, accessing more brain functions seems too dangerous to me. The puzzle of human brain has bothered scientists for centuries and we still do not full understand it yet. Except these dangerous fields, I am very excited to look forward to the communication function of those chips.

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