The Best E-publisher of 2016

By the view of, the best rated E-publisher is It has 9.47 over 10 rating score among hundred E-publishers the website had reviewed.

For two years, won the gold reword for E-publisher. Till today, has published 160000000 books. Its service is not only precise but also efficient. Through, people can publish their book in one week minimum or three weeks at maximum. And such efficiency comes with very reasonable price. For hardcover books the price starts at $9.98 and for paperback the price is as low as $2.45. For publishing E-books online, it can totally free if there no frame work, editing and design need to be done by After the E-book is published, can even help the writer to sell their E-books on different websites such amazon, kindle and iBooks.

For conclusion, here by I quote the review from “Lulu is one of the most customizable online book publishers we reviewed. You can outsource whatever services you choose, such as cover design and editing. Some publishers require that you purchase package deals that will give you a mix of services you need and other you could do without. At Lulu you will never feel pressured to buy services you won’t use. It offers a number of reliable and affordable services that are worth taking advantage of. ”

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One thought on “The Best E-publisher of 2016

  1. Thanks for sharing such detailed information on seems that this website is unique in its humanized design and services compared to other counterparts.


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