Online Class Survey


  1. Have you ever taken any form of online class? If you did, what kind of online class was it?


  1. What kind of online class do you prefer? Videotaped in advance or real time conversation?


  1. Under what kind of circumstances did you take the online class?


  1. Will you take one or more online courses for a semester?


  1. Do you think online class is useful and what is the difference between it and traditional class?


  1. Generally, what do you think of online class? Do you think online class will replace traditional class in the future? Why or why not?



Please, send me your answers to my email. Much appreciated.

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2 thoughts on “Online Class Survey

  1. I absolutely say no to online classes. Have taken one before, but without teacher in front of me, never paid attention during class. It is a big challenge for the students.


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