Online Class Survey Report

OC1Through my survey regarding people’s opinion about online class, the popularity of online class is shown. Most people who completed the survey said they’ve taken at least one online course till now. However, 90% international students shown no experience with online class and 90% American students all shared the same experience of online class. Clearly, online class has yet not taken its role in countries like China.

Worth to point out, even there are two types of online class, one is recorded video and the other one is real time video chat, but for formal online class with credits the class is always real time video chatting. And for less formal class like Yale’s or Harvard’s open class they are usually recorded and uploaded online. I think kind of arrangement is reasonable despites a small portion of people prefer to have recorded online class even for online course with credits, because in the end, face to face communication is more suitable for teaching knowledge. Also, in this way, as most people responded, students can raise questions and the instructor can answer these questions directly.

Without any surprises no students believe online class will take traditional class’s place in the future. The reasons are various but all have something to do with the circumstances they took online class and their feelings. Most people said they chose online class for the convenience. However, after one semester of online class, most of them refuse to take any more semester long online class. Because they said the atmosphere of having online class is quite different than traditional class. The feeling of surrounded by the need of study is gone. And by that reason, they think the need of traditional class will never be gone.

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One thought on “Online Class Survey Report

  1. I only took two online courses because I didn’t like Mr. Brown and the two courses he was teaching. Otherwise I will never take online class. It is so awkward.


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