Alteration of Internet by Freedom of Speech

The Internet is an international computer network. It connects computer networks all over the world. People can get different kinds of information from it. However, what kind of information people will receive form the internet is no longer like what it used to be.

With people conquered internet with the right of free speech, the internet changed into a place full of false information. In the beginning, the internet was not a open space to public but a military project done by the Pentagon during the Cold War. It was called the “ARPAnet”, an internal web of the United State military. At the beginning, there were only four computer connected to the net, and in 1995 there were 4 million devices connected to the internet, until today, basically everyone can access the internet with a flip of hand.

The right of free speech always existed among most countries and areas. However, the effect of free speech on the internet did not appear as quick as the growth of internet. Mostly is because the internet was not for civilians in the beginning and before the 21st century, even with the rapid development of the internet, a lot of social media and online chatting functions had not been invented yet. Once people had easy access to the internet with all the ability to say anything they want at any place they want, the use of the right of free speech went exceeding. A lot wrong information is speared wildly and influenced others in a bad way in the name of free speech. More and more people become irresponsible about what they see and post on the internet. Eventually this kind of irresponsibility grows into our daily life. Not only on the internet, but in our daily life, rumors, gossips, lies and slanders are out of control. It is crucial for everyone on the internet to learn how to screen information.

On the other hand, practice the freedom of speech does have its own good. More and more people are willing to speak up about problems and issues they would never talk about before internet. Therefore, when the society is exposed to such issues, as a member of this society, people try to improve and be better by solving those problems.

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