Universal Translator?


Legends, Babylonians were building the tower of Babylon and the tower was so high they called it the tower of sky. Even with such accomplishment, the Babylonians were not satisfied, they planned to increase the height of the tower. Even God himself was afraid the tower reaches the sky so he used his power made all the Babylonians to speak different languages. Therefore, the Babylonians were no longer sharing the same spirit and their ideas could not pass to each other. Eventually the tower of sky was not finished. Although the story was only a legend but it definitely shows the importance of universal language.

However, it is nearly impossible for people of day to appoint one universal language, because each language is the basic foundation of different culture. To give up their language is to give up their culture. Thus, communication technology is the best solution in this situation.

In today’s market, the assistive technology which allows people to communicate with different language efficiently is rare. Most of them are technologies based on translators which is not the wrong direction because eventually people will need a real time multiple-language translator. However, no matter it is an app or device, they are still immature technologies with slow response time.

However, there still some recommended and advance app and device that being used to help universal communication. I once saw a video about a guy using a real time translator with the size of a flash drive in Japan translating English into Japanese. Also, there was an article about the US military using a portable translation device in Mideast. The device was targeted in only couple languages what are being used in the area. The device can help the militaries to say a lot of frequently used sentences such as pull over, what is in the car and put your hands up. Although the device is not universal, but is it more than helpful under that circumstance.

In the future, the direction of such technology will still be on the track of translator. People need a universal translator with quick response time and small size. But due to different language all have their characteristics, slang and native terms. It well requires a huge processing ability for the CPU and huge capacity for the data base. Those are the challenges need to be solved before massive production on the market.

Maybe on Indiegogo and Kicktraters people can find some news and technology for universal translator. After all, those are the frontier of technology.

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Cool Translator in Japan

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Online Class Survey Report

OC1Through my survey regarding people’s opinion about online class, the popularity of online class is shown. Most people who completed the survey said they’ve taken at least one online course till now. However, 90% international students shown no experience with online class and 90% American students all shared the same experience of online class. Clearly, online class has yet not taken its role in countries like China.

Worth to point out, even there are two types of online class, one is recorded video and the other one is real time video chat, but for formal online class with credits the class is always real time video chatting. And for less formal class like Yale’s or Harvard’s open class they are usually recorded and uploaded online. I think kind of arrangement is reasonable despites a small portion of people prefer to have recorded online class even for online course with credits, because in the end, face to face communication is more suitable for teaching knowledge. Also, in this way, as most people responded, students can raise questions and the instructor can answer these questions directly.

Without any surprises no students believe online class will take traditional class’s place in the future. The reasons are various but all have something to do with the circumstances they took online class and their feelings. Most people said they chose online class for the convenience. However, after one semester of online class, most of them refuse to take any more semester long online class. Because they said the atmosphere of having online class is quite different than traditional class. The feeling of surrounded by the need of study is gone. And by that reason, they think the need of traditional class will never be gone.

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Online Class Survey


  1. Have you ever taken any form of online class? If you did, what kind of online class was it?


  1. What kind of online class do you prefer? Videotaped in advance or real time conversation?


  1. Under what kind of circumstances did you take the online class?


  1. Will you take one or more online courses for a semester?


  1. Do you think online class is useful and what is the difference between it and traditional class?


  1. Generally, what do you think of online class? Do you think online class will replace traditional class in the future? Why or why not?



Please, send me your answers to my email. Much appreciated.

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The Best E-publisher of 2016

By the view of toptenviews.com, the best rated E-publisher is lulu.com. It has 9.47 over 10 rating score among hundred E-publishers the website had reviewed.

For two years, lulu.com won the gold reword for E-publisher. Till today, lulu.com has published 160000000 books. Its service is not only precise but also efficient. Through lulu.com, people can publish their book in one week minimum or three weeks at maximum. And such efficiency comes with very reasonable price. For hardcover books the price starts at $9.98 and for paperback the price is as low as $2.45. For publishing E-books online, it can totally free if there no frame work, editing and design need to be done by lulu.com. After the E-book is published, lulu.com can even help the writer to sell their E-books on different websites such amazon, kindle and iBooks.

For conclusion, here by I quote the review from toptenview.com “Lulu is one of the most customizable online book publishers we reviewed. You can outsource whatever services you choose, such as cover design and editing. Some publishers require that you purchase package deals that will give you a mix of services you need and other you could do without. At Lulu you will never feel pressured to buy services you won’t use. It offers a number of reliable and affordable services that are worth taking advantage of. ”

Top ten views of E-publisher


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What Makes a Good Website?

Since I’ve been told I need to create my own webpage and blog, I’ve been wondering what makes a good website. The elements I can think of are contents, structure, design and popularity. However, even with knowing that angel I need to be working on, things are still harder to be done than talked. Some people may point out that the new generation spends most of our time online. By browsing all those websites where we spend the time, we should pick up some tricks along the time. Thus, we should be quite familiar with what makes a good website. Well, that is not true.

Unlike the websites I usually visit, my webpage is small in size and the contents are limited in certain topics. Also, unlike those corporations, I do not have unlimited resource, man power and time to make my website perfect. My knowledge about those successful websites is quite useless in my current situation.

Because I have assigned topics for the contents, I cannot simply post whatever attracts people’s attention on my website. Therefore, goes bye-bye popularity. Two out four elements which makes a good website are limited for me to make any alteration. In order to make my website outstanding, I have to put more efforts on the structure and design of the website. Each page in my website should have an eye-catching layout. The colors I use should also be well designed. Of course, all of these efforts won’t do much work if I cannot write the required content in a professional way.

So, under my situation, what makes a good website? Due do the primary purpose of creating this website which is to practice our skills and finish the course with flying color, and the limited contents, popularity is not going to be an important element anymore. However, the effort can still be shown in the design and structure id the webpage. Also behind the words I post, is my true thoughts and opinion. If more people share the same a point of view with me, I just may end up keep posting new articles.

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Data Management


Till today I still don’t understand why Apple is still selling 16G iPhones. It was completely a disaster when I mistakenly brought a 16G iPhone5S. After two month the most frequent notification from the system is shortage of memory. During that time, data management is mostly important to me.

Today, every file, every document and every software need more memory from our electronic devices. With new technology development being done every day, pictures are more detailed, audios are clearer, videos have better quality than ever and software we use are more functional and powerful. However, all of these advance changes requires much bigger memory than ever as well. The example of my 16G iPhone5s is more than hard lesson for this situation. For starter, my music alone took 5G out of the device and the system itself needed almost 2G. That is half of the memory capacity gone in a hear beat. Therefore, I was forced to manage my data.

For most people, cell phones are not the only device need to be managed for data. Computers data management is exhausting as well. The way I use to manage my data is to store my files separately on different devices and hardware. Computers on today’s market normally have memory under 1TB so dose laptops. In order to manage the data, other hardware is needed for additional storage. For computers with a mainframe, external storage hard drive can installed to increase the capacity of memory. Therefore, people can organize and manage their files in order. Personally, I use portable storage hard drives to maintain my data. I have three hard drives with capacities of 500G, 1TB and 1.5TB. The 500G hard drive is almost full and the rest two are half full.

Besides hardware people can use to manage data, there are some software people can install on their electronic devices to help their management. Going online always left a huge amount of temper data in the memory. When we watch a video on YouTube or view some online documents, the system automatically save the data on our devices. Some software is designed to eliminate those temper data out of the system and clean out more memory storage for people to use.

I wonder that do others do to manage the massive data from today’s technology. Leave some comments and let me know.

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We are Being Watched

Eye-Spy-Shutterstock-To be honest, I think everyone care about their privacy being invaded because psychologically people value their privacy naturally. Nowadays people are constantly being watched by government, security departments, third parties and individuals. And I hate to admit this, but I feel quite powerless against such surveillance.

I know how negative my statement sounds like but considering what I have been informed, it is just a cruel reality all people have to face. As a member in today society, not only myself but also most other people cannot even fight back with the most basic method surveillance—public cameras. Although those cameras are placed in public area but people still should have their right to choose whether to recorded or not. However, most people find surveillance in public area is useful and necessary due to multiple reasons.


To set public surveillance aside, there are more advance technologies for surveillance being used on civilize that people are even more powerless to fight back. After 911, the NSA was founded to protect the safety of United States. But through Edward Joseph Snowden people learned the method NSA uses to protect its people is violating people’s privacy through data base online. People’s emails are read, phone calls are recorded, texts are scanned and online posts are inspected. There is no direct way to stop or prevent more violation from those agencies because most people are not hackers or someone with high level computers skill. Facing such gain governmental machine, even with people knowing their privacy is violated, there is nothing but pale on our faces.

Personally, I have some experience with surveillance issue. In my experience, I have directly faced the surveillance of NSA of China. One of my father’s business friends has some relationship with people working in NSA of China, in order to show his gratitude to my father, he decided to bring a “favor” to my father. This “favor” is him bringing my surveillance records to my father because he believed my father would be interested in my records. Despite how angry I was due to the invasion of my privacy, I was freaked out to find out that NSA of China actually records most phone calls and text messages from everyone. I am certain not a threat to the national security but my printed record was almost two meters long.

Facing all of these advance surveillance technologies that the government spent years and billions to develop, I truly feel powerless even I do care and value my privacy. So far the best way to avoid unwilling surveillance is to get off the grid for good and forever. No cellphone, no TVs, no internet and even no electronics. But who can live a life like that nowadays?


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Redefining Ourselves Online

Internet is dangerous water. I believe no one should object this statement. Even though, more and more website and online social media requires identity check before users can share information with each other but people can still lie about what they say. Therefore, the number of cyber crime is growing every day.

However, in my own perspective, it is normal for people to redefine themselves online and create multiple personality online. Not to mention creating different personality online, people lie about what they say in daily life. What I am applying is not pointing out people lie about who they are intentionally but it is natural.

First, people cannot redefine themselves along. Most information we know about ourselves come from feedback from people we know. Nowadays, communicating with friends or others through internet is the most common way of communication. People certainly redefine themselves through internet which I have no bias or any negative thoughts towards it.

Second, on the other hand people may create multiple personality online intentionally or not. Because when we communicate with different people we act differently. Therefore the feedback from different people can be various which eventually lead people to have various expressions towards others. In other words, different people help us to create multiple personalities not only online but in real life because we also act differently to people in reality. We tend to be more respectful when we are talking older people and less friendly towards people we don’t like. When we change our pattern and method of communication, we also switch our personality in some way.

However, people do the switch on purpose may have some special reasons. And for those who have hostile intentions, we need pay extra attention to protect ourselves. You never know who is behind that screen and what are they really up to.

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Electronic Lover?


People always say love has no boundary. However, there is a boundary for people’s acceptance. Clearly, these strange electronic lovers have hit the limitation of people’s acceptance after interracial love and homosexual.

Personally I understand the concerns and objections which have been rise among people but I do not want judge how certain people’s concept of love because for starter there is no physical evidence to prove love is real. But like most people in the world I do believe love is real what I am saying is that there is no way to quantify love. Love is an emotion which does not have a unified standard and I cannot use my own standard to judge others’.

Thereby, my opinions are not judgmental but in another perspective. I believe such phenomenon is a small piece of evidence of the tendency of artificial intelligence, because to fulfill the need of true lover electronically, AI is where the technology should be aiming at. Of course, I do believe AI will be invented by someone who’s working on electronic lovers, but this tendency is definitely a strong and clear sign of people are closing in to invent AI.

What do all you guys think about these electronic lovers?

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The Future of Newspaper


As internet developed into everyone’s life now, many things have changed their methods of presenting themselves to us. For example, people read about news online more frequently than reading news from physical newspaper. But there are quite contradicted opinions among people.

With rapid technology development, E-news is gaining more market in news market. But my opinion is not only made by this tendency but also made by more elements of E-news. By comparing multiple aspects of traditional newspapers with E-news, I believe the future of news industry will be dominated by certain form of E-news. First, internet media share information much more efficient than traditional magazines or newspapers. In today’s’ society, information has a very important role more than it ever has been in history and how fast people can get their hands on information is a crucial element of success. In the future, the traditional newspapers will not satisfy the need of fast information. It is doomed do to the new need of fast information. So far by considering this one point, I am already convinced that E-news will be the leading force in news industry.

Second, the material of traditional newspaper is paper. On an environmental perspective, people have to come up something new that is substitute for paper made out of wood. Before that day, people will start to limit the use of wood paper to protect the environment and by that time it will be a huge impact on traditional newspapers. Also, by that time news industry will be forced to change their methods of spread information and I believe it will be E-news.

However, I do not think traditional newspapers will be gone for good in the future. Maybe by using new material, people can subscribe for traditional physical newspapers without damaging the environment. Who knows, there are always some nostalgic and old fashion people who may prefer traditional newspapers than new technology. And if there is demand, there will definitely be supply.

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